Our Vision

"New Zealand is a nation of people who have transformed their lives, enterprises and communities to anticipate, adapt and thrive in the face of ever-changing nature's challenges."

To achieve this vision, we must pursue a goal of transformative resilience, discovering and implementing new research based solutions for our society, culture, infrastructure and governance to address factors that will enable New Zealand to thrive in the face of challenges from nature.

Watch our Challenge Director Professor Shane Cronin talk about the vision and mission of Resilience to Nature’s Challenges Kia manawaroa – Ngā Ākina o Te Ao Tūroa.

Our Mission

We will partner with multiple stakeholders to generate new co-created research solutions to inform “how” New Zealand builds a transformative pathway toward resilience to nature’s challenges. Through an agile research and engagement team, priority-driven transdisciplinary co-creation laboratories, and high-quality, targeted underpinning research, we will tackle the “wicked” problems facing our rapidly changing cultural, economic, built and natural environments.

Our Aspirations

  • That the RNC National Science Challenge will become a trusted provider of research and advice to Aotearoa, including Māori;
  • That the Challenge will deliver internationally linked and leading research;
  • That our research interventions and outcomes will contribute to New Zealand achieving a transformational change in its resilience to nature’s challenges that will be evident in economic, social, infrastructure and cultural outcomes; and
  • That we will become an exemplar for the co-creation of science with New Zealanders, including Māori, for the benefit of Aotearoa.

Our Pathway

Will be through:

  • Open, inclusive and good governance, in order to lead and inspire others to take up the RNC strategy
  • Sourcing the best capability to pursue the research goals needed to support our strategy and Vision
  • Bold transformative research that creates new knowledge and unlocks the innovation potential behind collaboration and transdisciplinary research, including mātauranga Māori.
  • Co-creation – by developing enduring and meaningful partnerships with stakeholders, we will develop sustainable and fit-for-purpose research solutions to resilience to nature’s challenges.